Nominating Committee:  January PTO Meeting 

The Nominating Committee helps to find candidates to fill the open positions for PTO Board 2024-2025.  No member of the Nominating Committee may be nominated to fill any elected positions (Board or SDMC).  


PTO Board Positions:  March PTO Meeting

Please review the PTO By-Laws for PTO Board qualifications.  A more detailed description of responsibilities for each position can also be provided on request.  All Board positions require a minimum of a few hours of volunteer time each week with each role having specific responsibilities.  

  • Treasurer Elect:  shall receive training by the Treasurer on all duties for the purpose of learning the Treasurer position and shall assist the Treasurer as needed.  The Treasurer Elect will assume the role of Treasurer for the following 2 years.
  • Vice President of Finance #2 (Family): develops fundraising goals, strategy and coordinates Family Sponsorships for The Condit Giving Tree (Family), maintain contact with the chairs of the following committees in order to monitor and guide their efforts:  Boosterthon, The Condit Giving Tree (Family) and Gala
  • Vice President of Volunteering: helps to find, encourage and train volunteers for various committees, committee chairs and room parent positions, organize and facilitate committee chair and room parent training at the beginning of the school year, serves as point person for all communication via room parent, ensure that parents sign up through the district VIPS Program, assist committee chairs in finding volunteers for events, coordinate volunteer appreciation efforts.
  • Vice President of Social/Community Service:  manages and maintains constant communications with all school-wide social-related events, communicate with Treasurer to track progress, regularly report committee updates to the President and Board, maintain contact with chairs of the following committees in order to monitor and guide their efforts:  Condit Spirit Events, Dads’ Club, Fall Carnival, Field Day, Fifth Grade Graduation, IFest, Kickball Tournament (4th and 5th), Kindergarten Summer Socials, Snow Cones, Sociables
  • Vice President of External Communications and Student Activities:  oversees the external communications for all areas, promotes the school to the outside media and will ensure that all press content (including photos and yearbook) conforms to the permissions granted by Condit students’ parents and maintain contact with chairs of the following committees in order to monitor and guide their efforts:  Art Car, Chicken Coop, Name that Book, Odyssey of the Mind, Science Box, Science Fair, Student Enrichment, UIL, Yearbook
  • Vice President of School Services/Support: takes minutes of the Condit PTO Meetings and of the Executive Board Meetings.  Minutes shall be posted to all members on or before each General Meeting via the PTO website.  This position is responsible for the collection and archiving of all books, records and documentation pertaining to the Condit PTO.  This position shall prepare all ballots and blanks for use and maintain the current annual membership list available at all Board and PTO meetings.  Maintain contact with chairs of the following committees in order to monitor and guide their efforts Celebration Helpers, Green Generations, Health and Safety Supplies, Hospitality, Library Helpers, Meet the Teacher, School Supplies, School Spirit Store, Staff Appreciation.

Committee Chairs:  May PTO Meeting

A Committee Chair leads a committee throughout the school year. Some committees only need one Chair, while other committees work best with several Chairs. Often the Chair(s) will recruit additional committee members. The details of 33 different committee chair opportunities will be outlined on the Interest Form that will be posted on the PTO website in March.  Any PTO members in good standing (paid dues and attended meetings) are eligible to serve as Committee Chair. Time commitments range from minimal to heavy at times. For many committees, an effort is made to keep at least one experienced Committee Chair involved to pass on committee knowledge from year to year. This typically makes for a 1-2 year commitment.  A mandatory meeting for Committee Chairs will be held after the May PTO meeting.  A list of 2022-2023 Committee descriptions is posted on our website:  www.conditpto.org/committeedescriptions


Contact Information:

For the Nominating Committee (formed in January) and/or PTO Board Position (nominations accepted January/February), please email Rachel Aurwater at pastpresident@conditpto.org.


For Committee Chairs Positions, the interest form will be posted on www.conditpto.org after the March PTO meeting.  For questions, please email Kori Long at volunteer@conditpto.org.


For general PTO questions, please contact Nicole Dobbs at president@conditpto.org.