Chicken Program Information

Condit is one of the few elementary schools within HISD that has adopted a Chicken Program to supplement the science curriculum. While this program was originally geared specifically for our 2nd and 4th grade classes as they discussed life cycles, it has now expanded to include learning opportunities for all grades.

“Chicken Mike,” as he is known to all, comes each year to bring eggs and set up incubators in the classrooms.  For the students, this is often their favorite lesson of the school year. Not only does Chicken Mike teach them about life inside the egg but he also imparts his knowledge on how to care for the chickens as they grow.  In 2019, Mrs. Tomlinson, Mrs. Rogers and Chicken Mike approached the PTO about expanding this program to include our own chicken coop at Condit.  This idea was immediately adopted and within the year, we had our own chicken coop and a few chickens.  

Condit currently has 12 chickens, an expanded chicken run, and a school full of children who have not only embraced their feathered friends but also know how to properly care for them.  Please see below for some of our Condit flock. They are truly full of personality and pizzaz. Many of our mature hens lay eggs on a regular basis giving our School Store the opportunity to sell their eggs!


Click Here to Meet the Condit Chickens

The Condit Chickens have quickly become a favorite of students, staff and family. Purchases from the Amazon wish list will greatly help with their care and maintenance.  Thank you!