International Festival (IFest)

For the past several years, Condit has held an International Festival (IFest) in the Spring semester to celebrate the amazing diversity of our students, teachers and staff. Condit is proud to have students that represent over 50 different countries. All students are invited to dress up and represent their country’s heritage through the Parade of Nations in front of family and friends and the entire Condit community. 


In the past, IFest included traditional dances and musical performances, in-school art contests and projects, a Brazilian drum circle, a sampling of food from different countries, plus much more. 


While Covid changed the way we hosted IFest in 2021, Condit was still able to create an experience that allowed our community to show off their diverse cultures and heritage.  Over 20 families represented many countries as “Host Countries” and the rest of the school population participated as “Travelers” driving and biking through the neighborhood to visit the countries. 


the condit giving tree birthdays


Lexi Cohen



Ari Spelkin



Maya Dave



Allegra Hsu



Ellie Roth