The Leader In Me (TLIM) Program

Growing Tomorrow's Leader Today

What’s it all about?


Q: What is TLIM?

A: Leader in Me serves as the foundational operating system that integrates seamlessly into each school’s unique priorities, initiatives, and culture. When implemented with excellence, Leader in Me redefines what it means to be a high performing school in the 21st century. This new definition of school greatness is represented in three overlapping circles: leadership, culture, and academics.  


The 7 Habits are:

  1. Be Proactive

  2. Begin with the End in Mind

  3. Put First Things First

  4. Think Win-Win

  5. Seek First to Understand and Then Be Understood

  6. Synergize

  7. Sharpen The Saw

Q: Why did Condit decide to become a Leader in Me Campus?

A: Condit has consistently excelled academically, and the staff saw an opportunity to prepare our kids for “what’s next” and equip them with additional skills that would help them be successful as they grow into young adults.  We wanted to help instill good habits in our students and build a foundation that would serve them well when they moved on to middle school and beyond.   Way back in 2013 staff did a book study on The Leader in Me and from there, it took off!


Q: How does the school  fund the program?

A: Our Condit PTO, funded entirely by families, alumni and local businesses, has contributed the majority of the funds to pay for TLIM program implementation including consulting, teacher and staff training, and educational materials for the teachers and students.  The PTO Board has been involved in discussions about expense and implementation since it began on campus.


Q: What’s the plan for implementation?

A: The Leader in Me has a relatively standard arc that most schools follow, but just like our students, each school is unique in their needs, strengths, and challenges.  You can tell as you walk down the hallways of our building that a leadership culture is embedded in what we do at Condit.  Our ultimate goal is to become a Lighthouse school, which will serve as an exemplar for other Leader in Me schools across the nation.


Q: What results have teachers and staff seen?

A: Initially teachers noticed that kids were light years ahead of where they were in the past in terms of personal responsibility, and that trend has continued.  It provides our students an operating system, of sorts, for them to excel in academics and in life.  Teachers and parents are hearing students use the language on their own and practice the habits in and out of school. 


Q: How can parents get involved?

A: The best place to begin is to talk to your student about the 7 Habits and how they are using it in their life.  Read The Leader in Me, it will provide a vision for what we want our school to become.  The Condit library has copies of The 7 Habits of Happy Kids that can be checked out and read as a family.  A next level reading would be The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.


Q: How is The Leader in Me being implemented at Condit?

A:  Condit has established a Lighthouse Team that meets regularly to discuss, formulate and incorporate the Leader In Me into our goals. Leadership Day is a special celebration each year; this event is student driven and parents have the opportunity to attend classrooms and see how the Leader in Me is brought to life.


Both school-wide leadership positions and classroom jobs are available for all students.  Speak to your student, check out our classrooms, or see our school-wide leadership board for opportunities.


Click link below to see our 2020 Leadership Event



For more information, visit www.theleaderinme.org.